round function issue

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Hi Everyone,

I am having a little problem that I am hoping someone can help me out
with.  In one of my scripts, I am working with some dollar values, and
using round to change the result calculated values into a dollar value
with cents I should be getting $200.43 instead of $200.42987

The command I am using is:

$total_revenue = round(($renew+$inc_new+$national_rec+$chargeback),2);

This had been working previously on the old server, but a few days
ago, I transferred everything to a new system, and now it is as though
the round command is ignoring the 2 for decimal places and instead
rounding up to the next dollar value.

I am not 100% sure yet if it is caused by the round command itself, or
when I perform some math on the values used in the round command yet,
the values are taken from a string, and before any calculations are
made with the values, has 0 added to the value from the string, I
think this is supposed to change it to a number instead of a I am wondering if adding the 0 is causing the problem


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