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                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                unmoderated group comp.databases.mysql

This is an invitation to discuss the following proposal to create
newsgroup comp.databases.mysql.  Please note that YOU CANNOT VOTE NOW;
you may be able to vote on a version of this proposal later.  See the
PROCEDURE section below if you need information about how the
discussion works.


Newsgroup line:
comp.databases.mysql    MySQL relational database system discussion group.

RATIONALE: comp.databases.mysql

MySQL is a relational database server that is finding increasingly
wide acceptance as a back end solution for developing data-driven
web sites and applications.  MySQL is a free, open-source,
professional quality database system similar to Microsoft SQL Server
and Oracle.  MySQL is a more powerful alternative to Microsoft Access
databases, but without the expensive costs of other database servers.

There is no dedicated newsgroup for MySQL in the comp.* hierarchy and,
as a result, most of the discussions of MySQL take place in the
comp.lang.php newsgroup.

Now is the time to create a newsgroup specifically for the rapidly
growing user base of the worlds most widely distributed open-source
relational database system.

CHARTER: comp.databases.mysql

This newsgroup comp.databases.mysql is a technical discussion forum
for the MySQL relational database system.  All topics that pertain to
using or learning MySQL are on-topic in this newsgroup.

Posting of promotional material of any kind to comp.databases.mysql is
explicitly prohibited.  Posting of binaries is not permitted, with the
exception of small digital signatures such as PGP.



When an RFD appears, it begins a process called the newsgroup creation
process.  The first stage of that process is the discussion period,
and that's the stage that's now in effect.

During the discussion period, the object is indeed to discuss whether
this proposal should be enacted, and to discuss any potential problems
with it and how to resolve them.  Because the RFD has a Followup-To
header pointing to news.groups, discussion will be posted there.
Therefore, if you want to be heard in the discussion, you should post
your own posts in news.groups too.  Similarly, if you want to read the
discussion, you should be prepared to read it in news.groups.

During the discussion period, the proponents may issue new drafts of
the proposal, perhaps with major changes:  "2nd RFD", "3rd RFD", etc.
Please do not assume that these will be the same as this draft;
please make a point of reading each, if you wish to avoid surprises.

Following the discussion period, there may be a second stage, called a
voting period.  This cannot begin until 21 days after the first
RFD, *and* 10 days after the last RFD.  The proponents decide whether
to ask for a voting period.  If a voting period is requested by the
proponents, then a neutral vote taker will post a Call For Votes, or
CFV, whose appearance begins the voting period.  The CFV will contain
instructions on how to go about voting.  You cannot vote until the CFV
appears.  If you want to be sure of seeing any CFV, but you don't want
to read the discussion, you may wish to subscribe to
news.announce.newgroups, a low-volume group consisting mostly of RFDs,
CFVs, and related posts.

For further information about this process, please see "Guidelines for
Big Eight Newsgroup Creation" in news.announce.newgroups.  This post
tries to obey all guidelines in that post and in "How to Format and
Submit a New Group Proposal".  Please refer to these documents if you
have further questions.


The RFD has been posted directly to the following newsgroups:


Pointer messages to this RFD will be posted to:


Re: RFD: comp.databases.mysql

Gary L. Burnore wrote:

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Excellent proposal, Gary and Bill.  I look forward to voting on the


Sean Monaghan
Winner of the Pierre Salinger Memorial HL&S Award
To e-mail me, change the zeros (00) to letters (oo) in my addy.

Re: RFD: comp.databases.mysql

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Thank you for your support, Sean. There will be at least one other RFD,
so be sure to look out for that.



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