Revisiting uploading a graphic w/ an OS X server

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Hi all, thanks for all your help last time.. Unfortunately I couldn't get
any of the suggestions to work and because of time constraints I had to go
to something that I knew worked... But I'd like to revisit this because I
really want this option to run locally on the os x server...

Basically I have this string of code:

if($file_name !="")
copy ("$file", "/Library/WebServer/Documents/olcg/admin/$file_name")
         or die("Could not copy file");
else { die("No file specified"); }
    // If a ITL has been submitted,
    // add it to the database.
      if (@mysql_query($sql)) {
        echo('<p><b><center>Your Tile Ad has been uploaded and
      } else {
        echo('<p>Error adding submitted ITL: ' .
             mysql_error() . '</p>');
                      <strong>Your Tile Graphic Has Been uploaded. </strong>
                          <li>Sent: <?php echo "$file_name"; ?>
                          <li>Size: <?php echo "$file_size"; ?> bytes
                          <li>Type: <?php echo "$file_type"; ?>
                        <p><img src="<?php echo "$file_name" ?>"> </p>

I keep getting the error Could not copy file... When I look at the error log
it tells me:

[Thu Feb  3 09:57:22 2005] [error] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:
file_name in
/Library/WebServer/Documents/olcg/admin/edit/tilegraphicsubmit.php on line

When I move this to a linux server running php 4 and mysql (the exact same
thing this server is running) it works great. Any help would be appreciated
in helping me figure out why this isn't working.

Re: Revisiting uploading a graphic w/ an OS X server wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it

If that file is being run literally, then you have two problems.

First, it looks like you're coding to the register_globals option being
on, which is generally considered insecure and obsolete. The default is
to have this off. Go to for more

Second, you've probably got a huge security hole, in that anyone with
access to this script over the web can copy arbitrary files on your
filesystem into web-readable space. You may also have SQL injection and
HTML/JavaScript injection vulnerabilities.

-- brion vibber (brion @

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