Reverse DNS lookup ?

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Hi PHP buddies,

I want to include a reverse DNS lookup (find host/domain for a given IP) in
my pagetracker scripts.
Is there anything prefab in the PHP world I am overlooking I could put to
use ? I know some sites that offer en Reverse Lookup function but I want a
non-interactive method. My server normally runs on Linux but right now I
have it on XP, as my linux server has some problems I need to address first.
So I can't rely on an exec to a *nix function right now.

Any pointers, scripts etc welcomed!

Re: Reverse DNS lookup ?

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Re: Reverse DNS lookup ?

CJ Llewellyn wrote:
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The one I could not  find. Tried tons of terms lol. THANKS!

Re: Reverse DNS lookup ?

Re: Reverse DNS lookup ?

Christian Fersch wrote:
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Might be a good idea to read what you're linking to before you post - I
quote from the above source:

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