Reusable modules and code organization?

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I'm new to php, and all of the examples I've seen show php code
embedded in html documents.

My question is: How do you create and organize reusable classes or

What kinds of files are used, what's the directory structure, and how
are these referenced from php applications?


Re: Reusable modules and code organization?

Robert wrote:
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You could start with .


Re: Reusable modules and code organization?

Following on from Robert's message. . .
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Good news, its very easy.

Set up any directory structure you like - it doesn't have to be in the  
web root hierarchy.  For example I have a sub-directory for classes then  
project-based directories for tools,  testing, and so on.

Now look at php.ini and you will see include_path. (Also if you're  
interested look at set_include_path which might come in handy if stuffed  
into a project specific 'configuration' php include.

In your code put require_once('myCleverClass.php'); and you're away.

FWIW All my code is PHP-generates-HTML ie used as a 'proper' language  
not as a bit of extra in an HTML file.

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