Returning an array from javascript to php variable

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Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to read a dynamic table into an array and then return it
back to the php array so that I can register that for the session. I'm
not too sure if i'm going in the right direction though. Javascript

 function get_ticket_cart(){
      var tamt = document.getElementById('tamt');
      var tcells = tamt.cells;
      var total = tcells[tcells.length-1];
      return tcells;

And I'm trying to do this on onClick of the form. Php code follows

$tickets = array();
<input type="submit" value="Pay Dues" onclick="<? $tickets ?> =
get_ticket_cart();" >

$_SESSION['tickets'] = $tickets;

I could be wrong in trying to catch the return value. But the problem
is this needs to be done on the click event.

Any suggestions are appreciated.  


Re: Returning an array from javascript to php variable

Srinivas Aki wrote:

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I doubt you have understood how PHP works.  At first you need to understand
that _server-side_ PHP code is parsed _before_ it gets to the client.  


Second, provided that short_open_tag=on in php.ini -- which it should not
be, see <URL: --, the above code would generate
nothing but

<input type="submit" value="Pay Dues" onclick=" = get_ticket_cart();" >

`$tickets' would refer to the PHP array, and using it in this way results in
the empty string.  (RTSL -- Read The Source, Luke; the source the _client_
gets.)  Ignoring that the generated event listener code is of course
syntactically incorrect JS/ECMAScript code.

If you want to submit data to the server and so fill the PHP array, you will
have to do a HTTP request addressing a PHP script that will fill it; that
requires at least a URL.  An (X)HTML form could be used; it would result in
displaying the server's response unless the server responds with HTTP
status code 204 (No Content).  But then you should use the `onsubmit'
intrinsic event handler of the `form' element instead.  Or, as an
alternative to forms, you could submit the data another way, including



Re: Returning an array from javascript to php variable

Srinivas Aki wrote:
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Well, since the table is dynamically generated, there obviously is a
time when you're in possession of the data that populates it. Why not
just add this data to a hidden field at time the same time as you're
generating a new row? Personally, I like to just keep the data in an
array, then redraw the whole table every time it changes. Makes it
easier when you need to remove an item.


var tickets = Array();

function add_ticket(id) {

function refresh_table() {
  var html = '';
  for(var i = 0; i < tickets.length; i++) {
     html += '<html here>';
  table.innerHTML = html;

function save_to_hidden() {
  hidden.value = tickets.join(',', tickets);

Re: Returning an array from javascript to php variable

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client side javascript does not run synchronously with server side PHP.
your PHP has syntax errors.

how are you communicating with the browser? regular form submission or
something else?


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