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I'm working on an Ajax script, and the PHP script is supposed to read
the filemtime of the external text file, compare it to the cached
file, and either return a 200 or 304 header. But I've tried dozens of
variations, and still only get the default 200.

Here is the script I'm using:

$user = $_GET['user'];
$noupdate = false;

if ($user) {
  if (@fopen("/home/myacct/$user.txt", "r")) {
    $lastmod = filemtime("/home/myacct/$user.txt");
    $this_lastmod = gmdate('D, d M Y H:i:s', intval($lastmod)) . '

    $headers = apache_request_headers();
    if (isset($headers['If-Modified-Since']) && (strtotime($headers
['If-Modified-Since']) == $lastmod))
      $noupdate = true;

if ($noupdate) {
  header("HTTP/1.0 304 Not Modified");

else {
  header("HTTP/1.0 200 OK");
  header("Last-Modified: $this_lastmod");

I've ran several tests to make sure that $user exists correctly, and
it does make it to the line that defines $headers. The only line that
I'm not sure about is the if (isset($headers... line, because I
borrowed that from instead of writing it myself, and I'm not
entirely sure what the If-Modified-Since variable does.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA,


Re: Return Header of external file

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Hi Jason,

It looks like you need to debug the $headers variable to see what is
being supplied. Getting firebug for firefox will allow you to see the
request/response headers. Also, you can send the contents $headers
variable to your email using this:

mail('your@email', 'debug headers', print_r($headers, true));


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