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I have a very basic question regd retrieving information from website using  
a scripting language:

Basically I am working on the development of a database where a user enters  
an address (street, city, state, zipcode). Based on the user input of the  
address, I need to dynamically determine the latitude and longitude of that  
address from the internet. One such website was : where we enter the street, city, state  
and zipcode etc and the webpage returns the latitude and longitude.

I need to retrieve this information and update the database accordingly. My  
question is: Should this retrieval be done using Perl or Php or thru any  
other language ? What wd be the best way to incorporate this into my Java  
application ? Any help/hints wd be appreciated ! Thanks

Re: Retrieving information from website

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How often is this going to happen, and does the owner of the site allow  
you to do repeated automatic requests?

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IMO, if you are using Java, use Java. Otherwise you end up calling a  
Perl/PHP program from Java, and processing the result of such a program.

John Bokma          Freelance software developer
                    Experienced Perl programmer:

Re: Retrieving information from website

John Bokma wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it is another source. They take SOAP, and are  
Perl-friendly (it's a one-liner using SOAP::Lite, once you have  
instantiated the SOAP::Lite object). You need to pay them some money if  
you are using it for commercail purposes. Personal use is free.

But I agree with John - if you're using Java use Java, which is  
advertised as being wonderful for web apps. Of course the fine print in  
the book I read said that if you were doing a "POST" you were on your own.

Tom Wyant

Re: Retrieving information from website

On 07/28/2006 03:47 PM, Navodit wrote:
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Either PHP or Perl will do. With Perl you'll find the LWP::*  
and WWW::Mechanize modules useful.

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