Reset pointer for mysql_fetch_array($sth)

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I'm needing to traverse my $sth twice:

list($date_found, $junk) = mysql_fetch_row($sth);

while (list($date, $stuff1, $stuff2) = mysql_fetch_array($sth)) {
  // do stuff

But of course, when I do this then the WHILE loop starts at 1 instead
of 0 because mysql_fetch_row leaves the internal pointer at 1. I tried
reset($sth), but this just gives an error that $sth isn't an array.

Is there a way to reset the internal pointer without running a new



Re: Reset pointer for mysql_fetch_array($sth)

.oO(Jason Carlton)

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There's mysql_data_seek(), but why not simply fetch all the data into an
array first and then loop through it as often as you want? That would be
more reliable and portable.


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