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My server host for whatever reason is not dishing out the correct
request_uri.  It is displaying the page viewing and not the page it was
linked from.

So...what I am looking for is an alternative to determine the previous
page from the site. (nothing from external).

This is what I have so far at the top of each page.

// Set previous page
if(isset($_SESSION['current_page'])) {
    $previous_page = $_SESSION['current_page'];
$_SESSION['current_page'] = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

This works so far with limited testing.

Has anyone used a different method that they know that works?
Can you see any reason why my method may fail?


Re: request_uri alternative

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The REQUEST_URI server var is behaving correctly.  I suspect you want
HTTP_REFERER.  Just know that the referrer can be easily spoofed.

You should either loop through $_SERVER or check phpinfo() when you
need to find out what's available in your environment.

$email = str_replace('sig.invalid', '', $from);

Re: request_uri alternative

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There's several ways to solve the problem. Your solution will get
confused if the user opens more than one window and also has the
overhead of maintaining a session for every user. An alternative
approach would be to rewrite the URLs in all the links using
javascript to add a parameter identifying the current page, and add a
hidden field to any POST form with the same. But this does not address
the core issue - why do you need this information?


Re: request_uri alternative

I just found this interesting method:


Which amends the current page to a link and then they can be recovered
in the get variables on the next page.

The only problem I can find is that the URL is a bit messier in the
address bar.

Has anyone used this before or have found problems using it?


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