Reporting undefined variables

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Hello, Ia m running PHP 4 on Fedora Linus Apache 1.27.  Since I have a
dev box, I would like warnings to appear in the event of undefined
variables or constants.  But although I specified this setting in the
php.ini file,

;   - Show all errors except for notices
error_reporting  =  E_ALL

; Print out errors (as a part of the output).  For production web
; you're strongly encouraged to turn this feature off, and use error
; instead (see below).  Keeping display_errors enabled on a production
web site
; may reveal security information to end users, such as file paths on
your Web
; server, your database schema or other information.
display_errors = On

warnings are not displayed.  I stopped and restarted Apache.  How can
I verify at runtime the error reporting level?  Is there some kind of
PHP printable command?

DOes anyone have any other suggestions for how I may display undefined
variable warnings?

Much thanks, - Dave

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