Remove Duplicate tags in a HTML/XML file

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Hi all,
        I am having a problem in truncating duplicate tags in a
site...For example,in the below code i want to keep only the <p></
p>.And the remaining tags(<p></p>) i want to remove.Please do a
help.....thank u.

 By using signals, you can set an alarm. This is another form of timer
that waits for a
specified number of seconds while allowing the rest of the Perl script
to continue. Once
the time has elapsed, the SIGALRM signal is sent to the Perl script,
and if a handler
has been configured, the specified function will execute. This is
often used in situations
where you want to provide a time-out for a particular task. For
example, here=92s a user
query with a default value=97if the user does not respond after 10
seconds, the script
continues with the default value:</p>
<p>The eval block is required so that the die statement that forms the
signal handler
drops out of the eval=97 setting the value of $@=97rather than terminating
the whole
script. You can then test that and decide how to proceed. Of course,
if the user provides
some input; then the alarm is reset to zero, disabling the alarm timer
and allowing you
to drop out of the eval block normally.</p>

Re: Remove Duplicate tags in a HTML/XML file

vivek ananth wrote:
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You need to parse the page, match up the tags and remove what you don't

Unless you have thousands of pages, you'll probably be better off just
using a text editor.

And BTW - removing these tags will change the formatting of the text.
Are you sure that's what you want?

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: Remove Duplicate tags in a HTML/XML file

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