Relocation error with PECL oggvorbis module

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Has anybody had success getting the oggvorbis module from PECL to work? I
installed the latest versions of libogg and libvorbis from (with
the default configure options) and then did "pear install oggvorbis".

phpinfo reports "Ogg Vorbis Wrapper: enabled", but whenever I try to open
an ogg stream in PHP (with eg. fopen("ogg://file.ogg"); ) I get:

/usr/bin/php: relocation error:
/usr/lib/extensions/no-debug-zts-20020429/ undefined symbol:

Searching the usual places doesn't bring up any suggestions.

If this is a question more about my operating system set-up than PHP,

Other info which may (or may not) be useful:

PHP 4.3.9 / Apache 2.0.50 / Linux 2.6.9 (loosely RedHat 9)


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