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Still getting the same issue i submitted a couple of days ago. I can use  
PuTTY to edit files in-place, on production server, and when I refresh  
the page the changes won't have any effect.

I have made sure the templates_c (smarty) is 777; httpd runs as "nobody"  
so i made chgrp'd the whole htdocs directory to "nobody". i even  
reinstalled Apache/MySQL/PHP. where should I start looking?

a clue (?)

one file i can successfully edit is called t.php. I make a change,  
reload, and all is well. It's mostly my index.php file, and it's erratic.

If I put an "exit" in there, sometimes it will exit. Then I'll comment  
out "exit" and that change will not take effect. In this wget'ing the  
index.php returns "ERROR -1: No data received"

I changed permissions on index.php (664) to match t.php. No improvement.

Re: a clue (?)

Matt wrote:
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Maybe it's coming from your cache?

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Re: a clue (?)

Make sure caching is disabled in smarty, and like the previous poster
said, make sure it's not your browser. You can download the Web
Developer extension for Firefox, which has the option to disable
caching. And maybe outputting some data that MUST be new (like the
current time) will help ferret out the problem. Best of luck.

Thanks... still working at it

smarty caching disabled
developer tools disabled "Cache"

t.php still updates fine, reloads changes correctly, does everything  
right in realtime.
so does every other file in the site when accessed directly

index.php doesn't return any data, i.e.
if I'm viewing t.php (test page), and change the URL to request  
index.php, nothing onscreen changes. i'm still looking at t.php, even  
though the address bar indicates index.php

Re: Thanks... still working at it

What are your template filenames for t.php and index.php?

Matt wrote:
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