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I have the following problem. Using php I have composed a file which
add to an html file text typed into text-field. Problem is that I can
see new conntent of html file only after pressing "reload" button of
browser. My question is whether I can add some fragment to the html
file to force it to reload atomatically? Pleas help me if you can.

Thank you in advance.

Re: Reload.

On 24 Nov 2004 14:26:56 -0800, (Q) wrote:

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 No, you cannot _force_ reloading of a page. If you want reaction to user input
without reloading and sending a new request to the server, you probably want
Javascript, not PHP. If you want PHP to handle it, you wait until the user
either reloads, clicks a link, or submits a form to the server.

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Re: Reload.

Q wrote:
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What about:

<input type=text onchange="submit();">

Re: Reload.

You can use timeouts in javascript to redirect the page to itself after x
amount of time. Or just redirect first time it loads. Something like

<script language="javascript" type"text/javascript">
var counter =0;
x=window.setTimeout("update();",2000);      //2000 is roughly 2 seconds

function update(){

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