Relative path in require_once

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Hi !

I have been given a php codebase. For now I have installed php plugin
into my eclipse so that I can work with my java files at the same

My problem is this:
All the php files in the codebase are given in the following pattern:

        require_once ('cg_ajax/BaseAjax.php');

Eclipse gives me a warning that the include filename doesn't exist. If
I change it to

        require_once ('BaseAjax.php');

the warning goes. How can I correct this ? Do I have to make some
change to my php.ini file, or to the eclipse settings, or some other
config changes ( since I believe the codebase is working
elsewhere :) ) The warning is there all over so i can't change the
path given in the require !!

Pls help !!!!!
Thanks !

Re: Relative path in require_once

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Change include_path in php.ini to point to the directory containing
cg_ajax (or add it)


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