Regular expression help needed

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Hi everyone,
Could someone please help me with this regular expression,
this is the string:

<top cellpadding=2 ><tr><td valign=top><b>DVD</b> duel:
<b>High</b>-<b>definition</b> showdown<br><font size=-1><font
color=6f6f6f>TMCn vxcv etrwerwerwer <br> sdfsd <b> dfasdasd <br>

I need to match everything from <td valign=top> to the first <br>, like
<td valign=top><b>DVD</b> duel: <b>High</b>-<b>definition</b>

These are the expressions i tried:

<td valign=top>.*<br>
<td valign=top>.*<br>
<td valign=top>.*<br>

They all match everything untill the LAST break, and i only need first
occurrence of break <br>
Thank you very much!

Re: Regular expression help needed wrote:
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Searching in this group would have revealed the answer, others and I have
said it numerous times the last 2 weeks:

Make your * ungreedy by placing a questionmark beside it:
<td valign=top>.*?<br>

I would have made it:

1. Now the "valign=top" is cheched, but the td tag may get other attributes
in the future, which will now be no problem.
2. I've left the last > of <br> out, to comply with the possibilities of
<br>, <br/> & <br />.
3. Parenthasis around the actual content you like to to get/match, so it can
be referred to later without extra code.

Rik Wasmus

Re: Regular expression help needed

Rik wrote:
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Thank you so much!
it works like a charm!

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