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<strong>Hyperlink:</strong>&nbsp;<a href="http://localhost/ind/info/">

i am having the html file. that file contain the ablove line.....  i
have to get the result http://localhost/ind/info/ from the html file
using Regular Expresion. can you say the Regular expression in php how
to match the above line and get the following


<div class="section_header">Overview</div><br />

i need regular expression to match the above line also? can you know?

Re: regular expression

On 3 Mar, 09:34, wrote:
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What specifically about <div class="section_header">Overview</div><br /
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Re: regular expression

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3 major considerations:
1) What is the portion of that link that varies? Only the URL, surroundi=
ng  =

content, what?
2) To be even closely reliable (especially for the first) one should mat=
ch  =

some surrounding, reliably predictable content. Is it in a html section =

with an id, etc.
3) As about 90% of the HTML out there is broken in some way, I've long a=
go  =

abandonded regex matching for anything but the most simple & reliable  =

pages, and I prefer to parse & find a node (DOM, loadHTML(),  =

-- =

Rik Wasmus

Re: regular expression

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(1) <strong>Hyperlink:</strong>&nbsp;<a href="http://localhost/ind/
info/" target="_blank">http://localhost/ind/info/</a>


                    <span class="rightbar_subject">External Source: </

                    <strong>Hyperlink:</strong>&nbsp;<a href="http://
localhost/cat=?" target="_blank">http://localhost/cat=?</a>

      I am having thus the above code. from that code i have to get
the following result

a href="http://localhost/cat=?

how i can read these two line?

Thus the above line i have to read

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