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i intend to validate a string of numbers:

The conditions are: it can start with a + sign or without. but all must be  
in numbers. a space is allowed

Consider the following numbers



The above 2 numbers are valid. I've tried the following regexp:


It doenst work as intended.


goes through!


1234567helloworld doesn't!

please advise

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Re: regular expression

Eric Layman wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

/^\+?[0-9 ]+$/

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Re: regular expression

What your original regular expression is saying is that the last
character in the string is a + or a number 0 thru 9.

/^\+?[0-9 ]+$/

What Toby's expression is saying is that it starts with an optional +
(? means 0 or 1) and then has 1 or more #'s or spaces in a row until
the end of the string.

The ^ means starting at the beginning of the string and the $ means
the end.

Hope that helps explain it somewhat.

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