Registered Php steams - https, ftps

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How do you make Php be able to open secure streams (see "Registered PHP  
streams" in the first block of phpinfo() output).

I run WAMP on my home PC (Windows XP Pro - Apache - MySQL - and  
Php 4.4.1-pl1).  I struggled with this with Php4.  I installed OpenSSL,  
but that was not enough.  Finally, I downloaded and unzipped xampp,  
copied the php folder (that's the Php4.4.1-pl1 I am now using) and there  
they were.

I have a script that logs into my remote host cPanel every day, and I  
want to use https so that I can send the username and password over a  
secure link.

I have installed Php5 from, but no luck.  It works fine, but I  
can not open secure links (e.g., fopen("https://......");)

I downloaded the latest xampp, unzipped it, and tried using that Php5,  
but no luck.  Apache would not start, saying that the module  
php5apache2.dll could not be found, even though it was right where I  
told httpd.conf it was.  Some research indicated that I could encounter  
this problem if I was running Apache 2.2, which I am not ..... so this  
error is confounding me.

The bottom line, though, is that I want to get a copy of Php with https  
and ftps as registered streams.

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO

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