RegExp for a substring

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Suppose I want to check that a string, $str, starts with at least the
first 3 letters of a given word, say "delete".  Can I do that compactly
with a regular expression?  The following are not my idea of compact:

preg_match("/^del(|e|et|ete)\b/i", $str)
Quadratic in the length of the given word

preg_match("/^del(e(t(e)?)?)?\b/i", $str)
Really now.  But at least it's linear

Csaba Gabor from Vienna

Re: RegExp for a substring

Csaba Gabor wrote:
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Euhm, why at LEAST 3?
You don't seem to be using 'more' matches.
Or is this just a quick example?

Normally, I wouldn't use regexes for this. The way you made them is about as
compact as they get for this particular purpose.

if(substr($str,0,3) = substr($needle,0,3){

If you're trying to do what I think you want, maybe this is the code for
$needle = 'delete';
preg_match("/^[a-z]+\b/i", $str,$match);
if(strlen($match[0])>=3 && $match[0]==substr($needle,0,strlen($match[0]))){
    //code if it matches

By no means shorter, but a lot more versatile.

Rik Wasmus

Re: RegExp for a substring

Rik wrote:
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Yes, just a quick example.  It came about as a way to detect certain
command line options.  A person should be able to abbreviate any
command line option (such that the abbreviation is still uniquely
applicable (e.g. 'deleg' cannot abbreviate 'delete', and if 'define' is
another option then 'de' cannot abbreviate 'delete' nor 'define')).

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Thanks for the response.  It's what I also came up with (with some
lower casing), but it struck me as a lot of code to do something fairly

function abbreviates($needle, $haystack) {
  // returns the first word in $haystack if it is $needle or
  // an abbreviation.  Otherwise returns "".  Case insensitive
  if (!preg_match("/^\s*(\w+)\b/", $haystack, $match)) return "";
  return strcasecmp($m=$match[1],substr($needle,0,strlen($m)))
      ? "" : $m; }


Re: RegExp for a substring

Csaba Gabor wrote:
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What it seems that you're trying to achieve is similar to REXX's ABBBREV  
function. This takes 3 arguments thus:

Abbrev( information, info [, length ] ] )

information -- reference string
The string that may start with the abbreviated text value.

info -- test substring
The abbreviated text value.

length -- minimal substring length
The minimal required length of the test substring -- the default minimum  
length is 0 !

Which I would solve like this:

function abbrev($full,$part,$len=0) {
 return !(strlen($part)<$len || substr($full,0,strlen($part)) !== $part);

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