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What is making "?P" above ?

Re: regexp

On 15-04-2011 21:51, smerf wrote:
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no sure

but maybe this page gives answers?:

    extends the meaning of (, also 0 or 1 quantifier, also makes greedy
quantifiers lazy (see repetition)


Re: regexp


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Usually ?P is used to give a name to a subpattern, e.g.


This match can then be accessed by the name 'foo' in the result set. But
in the above example there are no names given, so I'm not sure what the
?Ps are supposed to do there.


Re: regexp

On 15-04-2011 23:21, Michael Fesser wrote:
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hm i learned something today ;)

"It is possible to name a subpattern using the syntax (?P<name>pattern).
This subpattern will then be indexed in the matches array by its normal
numeric position and also by name. PHP 5.2.2 introduced two alternative
syntaxes (?<name>pattern) and (?'name'pattern)."

Too bad that some simple example are missing for this 'complex'stuff.... ;)


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