Regex help pleeeasssee!

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I should firstly say I'm terrible at regular expressions - I know the  
PHP functions, I just can't make them come alive. And I've got the  
O'Reilly's regex book!

I've got a string and I want to:
* Replace spaces with the underscore character
* Remove any character which isn't A-Z, a-z 0-9

Should be really simple, right? I hope so and if anyone can help then  
I'd be hugely grateful.


Re: Regex help pleeeasssee!

Leo Andrews wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

str_replace(' ','_',$subject)

Every parameter can be an array, so you can give it an array  
of spaces, tabs, newlines, etc.

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The pattern is made up of a single character class, which  
finds characters not belonging to the sets a-z, A-Z, and 0-9,  
and replaces them with the empty string.  The PCREs `[^a-z0-
9]`i and `[^a-z\d]`i are equivalent.


Re: Regex help pleeeasssee!

I use this to clean up user input for foldernames:
( in the 3rd one down, just change the - to a _ if you you'd rather)
// clean up the user specified foldername
$foldername = stripslashes ( $_POST['foldername'] );
//This erase white-spaces on the beginning and the end in each line of
a string:
$foldername = preg_replace('~^(\s*)(.*?)(\s*)$~m', "", $foldername);
//erases all NON-alfanumerics
$foldername = ereg_replace("[^[:alnum:] ]","-",$foldername);
// take out repetative spaces??:
$foldername = preg_replace('/\s\s+/', ' ', $foldername);
if ($foldername == ""){$foldername = "untitled";}

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