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Could someone help me out with a regular expression?

I need to be able to search a text field and grab every instance of a
string that falls between <tag class="name"> and </tag>.

We can assume that the tags will always be written properly.

So if the following is my text field: "They streamed across the Clemente
Bridge, docked along the <tag class="name">Allegheny River</tag>, strolled
from the North Side and biked down the trail to watch their Pirates. <br/>
They filled <tag class="name">PNC Park</tag> to the last sliver of
standing-room space on the rotunda, <tag class="name">37,259</a> strong.
<br/> And they came in full throat, chanting and cheering from the outset."

...I'd need the code to return, probably an array, like this:
$array[0] = Allegheny River
$array[1] = PNC Park
$array[2] = 37,259

I just can't get it.  Any suggestions?

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Re: regex help

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So why did you make an error in your example? :)

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Tell us where you are running into problems. It's really simple if:
-you know the correct function
-you know your regexpes.

Do you want to learn how to do it or do you just want the answer of how
to get an array like:

    [0] => Array
            [0] => <tag class="name">Allegheny River</tag>
            [1] => <tag class="name">PNC Park</tag>
            [2] => <tag class="name">37,259</tag>

    [1] => Array
            [0] => Allegheny River
            [1] => PNC Park
            [2] => 37,259

If you want to learn see (the examples
contain samples that match your question closely) and (study
greedy vs. non greedy)

The spoiler is below:

preg_match_all('/<tag class="name">(.*?)<\/tag>/',$str,$matches);

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