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Hello Friends,
  I am planning to go for Zend PHP 5 certification exam.I am looking
for members here who have completed the same and are ready to share
their thoughts regarding the Value of Certification,Study Guides,Time
Factor etc..
Waiting for your reply..

Re: Regarding Zend PHP5 certification

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I'm a new member of (smallish) PHP web development team working on
intranet webapps.  Combined, we have about 15yrs of PHP experience,
but most of the guys have learned PHP on an "as needed" basis, it
seems.  Although they have a fair command of HTML, CSS, XML,
JavaScript, DTHML, AJAX and PHP...the one thing that gets me is that
they don't write OO PHP. When I told them, after getting my MSSQL 2005
cert (yes, I know), that my next cert was the Zend PHP5...they,
including my supervisor, looked at me puzzled.  With all that time
with PHP, none of them knew what or the value of a Zend PHP cert was.
Although it's a bit discuraging, I know from my cert experiences that
taking a structured approach to (really) learning a topic is always
good for yourself...and the added paper credentials don't hurt.  From
my research, the cert covers a core knowledge that all PHP programmers
should know.  One magazine editor said it covered "low-level PHP"
knowledge, which I guess is relative to the language.  I ordered php|
architect's Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide and PHP 5 Objects,
Patterns, and Practice to help me get ready (the later I just really
wanted but don't think it will hurt).  I'll let you know my immediate
thoughts on the stufy guide, if you wish.

If anyone else has read/tested on this, or even has an opinion on it
(especially from some of the more experienced programmers on this
distro like Toby, Zeldor, Jerry, etc), I would appreciate the thoughts
as well.

Re: Regarding Zend PHP5 certification

ELINTPimp wrote:
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Personally, I've never found certifications to be worth the time and  
effort spent getting them.  They have never gotten me a job, more money,  
or anything else.  My experience, OTOH, has done all of those.  And  
meanwhile, I've spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting  
some certifications.

But others have found them worthwhile, and I won't argue that.  It  
really depends on your experience level.  The less experience you have,  
the more valuable certifications can be, IMHO.

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