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Re: |OT| W3Schools

John Dunlop wrote:
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I'm just reading what you wrote.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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Not if the criticism is based on the contents of a completely different  
course.  Now if they were asking about PHP courses and you responded  
with criticism specific to the PHP course, that would be appropriate.

What you said is like me saying "Don't believe everything John Posts.  
He has some bad responses in the xxx newsgroup" - where xxx is  
completely unrelated to PHP.

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It is.

Yep.  I don't like it, and I called you on it.  Like it or lump it.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Refreshing part of a page

John Dunlop wrote:

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Hi John,

You may be right, I never looked at the HTML course.
All courses on w3schools I did look at gave me a good impression.
Of course w3schools is not a place to master a technic, but it is a great  
place to get a quick overview so you know at least what is involved in a  
certain technic.
Darn, I heard so much about AJAX some time ago it made me nervous. SO I  
checked their guide, and I knew within the hour what it all was about, and  
also recognized the technic because I used it years ago, only without the  
handy HTTPXML-object thingy or whatever name it gets in different browsers.

For an expert it is easy to spot cutted corners by w3schools, and surely  
you'll find things that are not 100% correct.
The advantage is that they provide a quick overview without the details. In  
most cases you don't care about the details when just starting with some  
And above all: I am too lazy to keep up an online trainingcenter, so I have  
no right to complain. :-)

Personally I REALLY LIKE quickstart guides as presented by w3schools.
I really don't like megabytes/hundreds pages of technical stuff before  
getting something done.
I like to see a technic at work, try it out myself, and if the technic and I  
are compatable, I dive into the Gory Details. :-)

But of course, this is just a matter of taste. I think different people  
learn in different ways. I am just the 'hands-on' type of guy, so I advise  
w3schools a lot.

just my 2 cent in defense of w3schools. :-)

Erwin Moller

Re: Refreshing part of a page

<2 Nov 2006 05:56:14 -0800>

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I used a <iframe> for the script shown below .

From the sound of it you wont be setting the page to refresh every 15  
seconds or whatever - so - you wont get the flicker effect .


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