Refreshing multiple frames' contents?

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I have a page consisting of three frames. Top frame shows db rows,  
middle frame shows contents of a file, bottom frame has buttons to  
change file/row status and/or delete them.

The desired bahaviour: after clicking the "change status" or "delete"  
button in bottom screen, the top and middle frames immediately show  
updated data.

Achieving this in a <a href [...] is not a problem, I use the following  
Javascript line:

<a href="status.php" target='bottom'  
parent.frames[2]='centercontent.html'; return true;">link</a>

But another page I use only updates a db entry and has no clickable  
items. Is it possible to have it automatically refresh any of the  
frames' content without the user clicking a link, immediately after the  
db query is executed ?

Tips welcome, as always!

Thanks in advance

Re: Refreshing multiple frames' contents?

maybe after db is executed, in that frame output <script

and by the way, if you have problems get phpMyAmin source ;] a very
advanced example of what you are tyring to do if i am right.


Re: Refreshing multiple frames' contents?

I would most probabl use AJAX which would eliminate the need for a
refresh and would also allow you to arrange the order of execution of
your functions.

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