refreshing flash....

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I am trying to get started on a page which uses a short flash movie to  
show status.

The flash movie itself is only a few seconds long - say 15 seconds.

What I want is something like this (alternative 1):

The browser sends a request for the page.

The php backend creates the first flash movie and sends it to the browser.

The browser plays the movie, and at the end, requests an update from the  

The server meantime has pre-generated the next flash and it is served up.

The server continues to pregenerate the flash movies until it doesn't  
get a request for another one for some set period of time, say 60 seconds.

Alternative 2:

At the end of the flash movie, the browser loops the movie and at the  
same time requests a new movie from the backend.  When the movie is  
generated it is served up to the browser, and the browser updates  

The goal:

I am playing a simple flash movie showing the status (position, etc) of  
a machine.  The only graphics tool I have available is flash, so I have  
to make it fit.  I need to update the status and the graphic every 15-30  
seconds.  (The interval is not critical.)  What is important is that it  
happens fairly transparently to the user.

Any suggestions, comments?  I am kind of stuck on where to even begin....


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