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I have a web application where the main window shows a list of records
available for download.
The user clicks on the download button, which posts the form to another
.php page, which generates the file for download and pops up the
download dialog.

So far, so good.

My question is - how do I refresh the main window once the download
dialog box has popped up?

I need to clear the list of records from the main window (since the
user downloaded it).

The download is generated by another page, and not the main one.

Any ideas?


Re: Refresh main window after download

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Not sure about the actual code, but this can be done in Ajax. It sees
that the download has been "touched" by the downloader then it could
redirect or refresh to the needed page.

Once again, I don't know the actual code.. and I'm sure there's a
better way. I just like Ajax better :D

Re: Refresh main window after download

Harold Crump schrieb:
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You could do this at the client side by outputting something like
<script type="text/Javascript">
<a href="/mainfile.php">Go back to List</a>

So Users without Javascript will have to click on the link, but  
everybody will safely get back to the list.


Re: Refresh main window after download

Hi Markus --

Thanks for the suggestion.

The page that actually launches the download window sets
Therefore, I don't think I can emit JavaScript through that page -
correct me if I am wrong.

The form in the main window simply posts to that download page, and
therefore doesn't know anything of what's going on.

The form tag on the main screen is as follows -
<form name="frmDownloadOrders" id="frmDownloadOrders" method="post"

The startDownload.php script generates the download stream and sets

My issue is refreshing the main screen where the form is after the form
has been posted to startDownload.php

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.


Markus Ernst wrote:
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