Reference to reference?

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Today I discovered that I don't understand how references work in php.
I create object, then I store reference to this object into array.
Then I do so into another array. And suddenly I have two vars taken by
reference which should point to single object, but they are different.

Is there possibility of "reference to reference" in php?
I'm just going crazy, can't figure out everything...

Re: Reference to reference?

By saying "reference to reference" I mean something like &&$var
So that &$var !== &&$var

Re: Reference to reference?

Yes, you should have no trouble in doing someting like:

$x = 1000;
$y = &$x;
$z = &$y;

In final $y will be like $z.

I think that is what you are asking for.

Jose Silva

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Re: Reference to reference?

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Why don't you post your code? Unfortunately, we didn't see you coding  =

first hand, so we can't pinpoint what's wrong. This is an example of wha=
t  =


    $o =  new a('hello, world');
    $o2 = new a('goodbye, cruel world');

    $array['foo']  =& $o;
    $array['foo2'] =& $o2;

    echo $array['foo']->getFoo();    // outputs 'hello, world'
    $o->setFoo('como estas');
    echo $array['foo']->getFoo();    // outputs 'como estas'

    $array['foo2']->setFoo("kon'nichi wa");
    echo $o2->getFoo();        // outputs "kon'nichi wa"

-- =


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