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I'm trying to use redirection to secure certain pages on my site.  The
theory is to check to see if a user is "logged in" at the top of a
page, and if not, redirect them to a login page.

A typical web page will look like this:

<!--#include virtual="secure.php"-->
    <p>Secure Content Here</p>

The secure.php file looks like this:


  $schema = $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] == '443' ? 'https' : 'http';

  // Check to see if the user is logged in.
  if (! isset($_SESSION["userid"]))
    header("Location: " . $schema .


This all works fine in ASP.  In PHP, however, I can't seem to get the
redirect to work.  If I just type the secure.php URL directly into the
browser's address bar, it will redirect properly.  If I call the page
I want to secure (either with a .html or a .php extension), it just
seems to ignore the redirect.

Any idea why?

Re: Redirection

On 19 Jul 2004 09:09:44 -0700, (Bryan)

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If the page you want to secure is a .php, you need only use:



David ( )

Re: Redirection

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That was the issue.  It was a .html page, not a .php page.  ASP (or
more accurately, IIS) will allow you to do this, but apparently PHP
and/or Apache won't.

I ended up figuring out exactly what you suggested, and it worked.

Thanks for the response.


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