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I'm doing some experimentation with php and was wondering the "best"
way to achieve this task:

I have an initial page that has a form, which, when completed, directs
to an intermediate webpage to process
the results of the form. The user is then directed back to the initial
page. Because I need a delay to enable
processing of the form data, I don't think the following will work:
header( 'Location: ' ) ;

I think the best way is, once the form processing is done, to do
something like
echo ( "<META HTTP-EQUIV=\"refresh\" content=\"0;URL=http://\">";);

This seems a bit cumbersome, but would immediately reload the initial
page once the form stuff has been
sifted. Is there another, better way, without dealing with webserver
config scripts, which I don't have access to?



Re: Redirect to a new webpage wrote:
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I don't understand by what you mean by "needing a delay.  But as long as
you don't send anything to the client beforehand (and the browser
doesn't time out), there shouldn't be any problem in using a header() call.

Did you try it?  If so, what happened?

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Re: Redirect to a new webpage wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do you just want to pupup something that says "Processing"?

If so, I'd have a hidden DIV and show it using a bit of javascript on
submitting the form.

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