Recommend PHP-Based Product for BI Dashboard?

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My company needs a BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboard that's PHP-
based and runs on Linux. Can you recommend one?

They were looking at the dashboard from, but then realized
it was Java based and we don't have an investment in Java programmers
like we do with PHP. We need something role-based if possible so that
certain users can only load certain gadgets. (Otherwise we'll build
two of these servers and host one set of people on one and another set
of people on another.)

Basically they want to track customer interactions by product type and
customer type in pretty charts for the managers, and also see trends.
It's also something to show our customers that we're on top of our
game. We store these things in Apache logs, other text logs, and
database records, and just need something to present it in a pretty
format. We would use the PHP language to extract that and present the
data in a series of gadgets.

My company would pay handsomely for one, including a tech support
contract. I've been told that this is a rush item for political
reasons (office politics, that is).

And please, Lord sakes, if you think I've posted this in the wrong
forum, tell me where to post and I'll not do this again.

Re: Recommend PHP-Based Product for BI Dashboard?

Roberto wrote:
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Hi, Roberto,

This is a tough one.  No, this isn't really the place to ask.  But there  
isn't much better AFAIK, either.

You might be able to find something - but I wouldn't begin to know  
where.  I know I, for one, would not even begin to write something like  
that in PHP.  Too easy for someone to copy my work, even if it is  
obfuscated (which is relatively weak in PHP).

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: Recommend PHP-Based Product for BI Dashboard?

I, for another, don't think you should do this in PHP either.

Have a look at Open Laszlo, though.

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