reading a list and setting a cookie for posting privilige

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On my website when a viewer clicks on a navigation link to a certain
page, I would like:
1. check if there is a cookie set identifing him
2. if there is to continue to the content of the page.
3. if no cookie is found pull up a page asking for an email address
   check that address against a list of email address for the
   if is a member set a cookie
4  if not explain that only members can post but everyone can read

I am looking for this already done (why reinvent the wheel) Or at
least the bits and pieces of code to cobble together this routine.

I have been searching the web and found getcookie and setcookie but
nothing on parsing/read file/list. What keywords should I be using for
this search?


Re: reading a list and setting a cookie for posting privilige

Dave Kelly wrote:
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Just saw this was cross-posted to c.l.p, also.

Most users use a database for such things.  There are a few scripts out
there, but I've never used them.  Such a function is so trivial that I
find it faster to write myself instead of trying to find and integrate
someone else's script.

And don't use cookies for security-related information.  Use sessions

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