Reading a file on same server

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Suppose I have a php file "read_file.php" that is used to read .txt files, the structure of the folder/files are:


I was wondering which will be faster and why in PHP..

Method 1:
read file using relative path  

Eg: get_file_contents("public/upload/test.txt");

Method 2:
read file using URL (note that the server which is making the request and the server where the file is being read is same)

Eg: get_file_contents(" ");

Can someone explain me which is faster and why?


Re: Reading a file on same server

On 31/07/13 12:13, Bruce Lee wrote:
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The first one. Unless PHP is exceptionally smart the second one will invoke a recursive call to the (apache) server to deliver the file spawning another process and making and destroying a socket in the process.

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Re: Reading a file on same server

Bruce Lee wrote:
Doubtful.  Bruce Lee would have known the answer, having instructed Chuck  
Norris who, as we all know, can write 100 LOCs of PHP with one finger in  
less than one minute.

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Yes.  But if you thought harder about what needs to happen in each case to  
get the file contents (i.e., do your own homework), you could have explained  
it yourself.  That said, you could have just measured it:


When all you know is jQuery, every problem looks $(olvable).

Re: Reading a file on same server

On 31/07/13 13:13, Bruce Lee wrote:
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Compare what would happen:

Method 1:
1. PHP opens a file.
2. Reads file.
3. Close file.

Method 2:
1. PHP makes a handshake with the webserver
2. Web server opens file.
3. Web server opens log file (or it's already open, depends on config).
4. Web server reads file.
5. Web server sends file.
6. Web server writes to log.
7. PHP receives data

Handshakes are usually time consuming and as the web server will do  
other things too, it will cause overhead.

You could compare the whole with reading a book, I'll present two  
methods and you pick which one is faster:

Method 1:
You read a book.

Method 2:
You ask your friend to read a book, write it down on paper and you read  
the written papers.

And if you doubt us, do as Thomas suggests, measure the time consumed,  
test it say 1000 times each method, compare the times.

There is another aspect to it too, error handling will be more  
difficult, as you don't really know why the web server suddenly gives  
you a 404, is the file really gone or just that the web server ain't  
allowed to access it or someone changed the DocumentRoot.

Also the more you do over the net instead of directly, it's more  
difficult to follow what happens in your code and it becomes difficult  
to maintain the code in a proper way, I have seen such code out in the  
live, just for someone thought it was simpler to call another script  
than write the function in a way that you could include the code and use  
it directly.



Re: Reading a file on same server

On 31-07-2013 18:09, J.O. Aho wrote:
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And what about someone else going to:

With the first method it's possible to store your docs where they are  
not reachable directly from the outside world.....

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