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I've got the following script:

$inhoud = file("/opt/scripts/sc/sc_trans.log");
$inhoud = implode("", $inhoud);

$inhoud_array = explode("\n", $inhoud);

for($i=0; $i < count($inhoud_array); $i++){
   $titel1 = explode("[DECODE] Opened ",$inhoud_array[$i]);
   $titel2 = explode(".mp3",$titel1[1]);
   $titel = $titel2[0];

   $part1 = explode("<",$inhoud_array[$i]);
   $part2 = explode(">",$part1[1]);
   $tijd= $part2[0];
   $tijd= ereg_replace("@"," ", $part2[0]);

   echo "[$tijd] $titel\n";

While running this I get:

PHP Notice:  Undefined offset:  1 in /opt/scripts/shoutcast/crphp on
line 9

How do I solve this?

Gr. Patrick.

Re: reading a file

Patrick wrote:
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I guess you do this to remove the \n from each line... why don't you
trim() each line instead?

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My guess is you only get one element when you explode()
$inhoud_array[$i], and it will be $titel[0].

Without seeing a sample line from /opt/scripts/sc/sc_trans.log there's
little more to say.

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Re: reading a file

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 16:01:05 +0100, Dani CS

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This is how the logfile looks like:
assuming 44100!

So, I only need the line with [DECODE] in it.
var1 is the date and time
var2 is the text after [DECODE]

Re: reading a file


There is no $titel1[1] element.

Your first and third lines do not have the "[DECODE] Opened" patterns,
so explode returns in $titel1 the original string as an array...meaning
$titel1[0] == $inhoud_array[$i] and there is no $titel1[1]! That is why
PHP is complaining about undefined offset.

Since you doing some kind of pattern matching, you should probably look
into Regular Expressions. Please refer


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