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I'm a retired C++ programmer and I want to set up a hobby website using
PHP/MySQL on my Yahoo/Geocities hosted web page. I'm a rank beginner
with PHP, and I've been looking for a pre-written script (preferably a
freebie since it's just a hobby thing) that might serve my purposes, or
at least serve as a good starting point for me to build on. Looking on
php.rescourceindex.com I'm finding mostly 404 links for the scripts
that sound promising.

Can anybody recommend a pre-written script that can handle this simple
application: A single-table MySQL database that allows registered users
who share my hobby to add records, update certain fields in existing
records, and do a simple search on a single keywords field, or an
"advanced" search on a combination of one to four fields. It should
allow me to customize the look of the pages (I'm very experienced in
HTML, but just starting out with PHP).

Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

--gary shannon

Re: Rank Newbie jumpstart question

fiziwig wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
EPhoto Pro over here

says it can do a CD collection

try browsing around hotscripts. also phpClasses.com
I've never used php.resourceindex.com; sounds like it sucks

Re: Rank Newbie jumpstart question

Thank you.

It looks intersting, but I don't need any image capabilities at all, so
that's kind of overkill. I think I'd rather start with something really
rudamentary and build on it rather than starting with too many bells
and whistles and have to trim it down to size. That way I can hopefully
learn more php by understanding a simple script and adding features to
it one by one as I learn how to add them.


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