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i have a book on mysql written for version 4 that has hard to read screen
shots. i'd like to get a newer mysql book.  do i have to worry about the
version number of mysql i am using if i use php 4.3 version or newer?  i'd
like to get the osbourne mysql book.  the only thought that comes to mind
is some things may be deprecated since the php 4.2 book i own was
published.  i ought to be able to use the net and my new mysql book to
figure out the changes...right?  


Re: quick question mysql/php

j-marvin wrote:
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SQL queries are independent of the PHP version. mysql module is the same
in PHP 4 and PHP 5. In PHP 5, however, you can use mysqli (mysql
improved). This provides a) a faster interface to the mysql server (so
they say, at least, didn't test it myself) and b) a mysqli object for
OOP. Note that for mysqli to work you need MySQL 4.1, but the syntaxis
didn't change realy much between 4.0 and 4.1, just some extra features

To answer you question briefly: you can just work as the book describes,
no specific changes have been made. If something doesn't work, read the
manual page, it 'll propably say deprecated since <version>, just check
what the new method is in that manual page.

Pieter Nobels

Re: quick question mysql/php

Hi Pieter -

thank you for the response :-)

now i know what book to get.


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