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I was looking at the various cURL options and have a few questions.

CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL's being set to true is supposed to tunnel
through a given HTTP proxy.  Afaik, tunneling is only possible when the
CONNECT method is used.  Is that correct?

Also, if it is...  one can normally tunnel through as many HTTP proxies
supporting CONNECT as they see fit.  Does cURL only let you tunnel
through one?

CURLOPT_PORT's value is described as "an alternative port number to
connect to", however, CURLOPT_URL already allows a URL to be added.
Does this mean that if it can't connect on that port, it'll try to
connect on this port?

Re: questions about curl

yawnmoth wrote:
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Also...  it doesn't look to me as though SOCKS v4 is supported by cURL.
 Is this correct or am I just reading the documentation to quickly?

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