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Ive been using PHP to query data from SQL Server using MSSQL_QUERY for
a while now, but recently noticed a problem. I have a notes field in
the database (varchar 6000) for entering text. When reading out the
data with a simple SELECT statement I noticed it would only get 256
characters in the MSSQL_FETCH_ARRAY result. Don't know how I missed
this before. Obviously a significant number!
I checked the INI file for any settings. The MSSQL.TEXTSIZE and
MSSQL.TEXTLIMIT are both set to maximum limits, if this has anything to
do with it.

Does anyone know how to get round this problem, I have tried all the
getting methods I know all of which do the same.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Question Using MSSQL_QUERY

Gazchurchend wrote:

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Maybe this helps:
[,295208,sid63_gci1051984,00.html ]

DB-Library applications and applications using the SQL Server ODBC drivers  
from SQL Server version 6.5 or earlier support only a maximum of 255 bytes  
of character data. If these applications attempt to retrieve character  
parameters of SQL Server version 7.0 or later, or result set columns  
containing more than 255 bytes of data, the character data is truncated at  
255 bytes.


I once had the same problem under IIS with VBscript. Upgrading the drivers  
helped solving it.
Look at M$-site for a MDAC upgrade.

Good luck,
Erwin Moller

Re: Question Using MSSQL_QUERY

Gazchurchend wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yeah, it's a real bummer with MSSQL and PHP. What you need to do is
cast the varchar column to text in your query. So instead of

SELECT description FROM tblCrackheads

you need

SELECT CAST(description AS text) FROM tblCrackheads

Re: Question Using MSSQL_QUERY

Cheers the cast works a treat..
I had been using Text type before on large fields hence never noticing
the problem before.
Didn't think to cast it.

Thanks again

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