question regarding Yahoo financial data

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I am working on a widget which displays current commodity (metals)

I found a historical database of gold prices dating back to January
1995. I would like to update this on a daily basis by polling Yahoo's
financial data after the commodity market in question closes (COMEX
'open outcry trading' - the kind of trading we all visualize when
thinking of a stock market - generally closes at staggered times
between 1:00pm and 1:30pm NY time) and storing the values in a

I am having a hard time figuring out how to write the script in such a
way that it retrieves the day's closing price. For one thing, trading
does continue after-hours. Also, there are a lot of data available,
and I have not found a special tag which gives the price at closing.
That is, if it exists I can't tell which one of these tags it would
be. The nearest I could figure out, is I could use the "l1" tag which
gives the price at last trade, and grab it at 1:46pm (allowing 15 min
for delay plus 1 min). I'm still not certain that this is the
'official' closing price.

What's more, looking at the historical data (not Yahoo's data) has
shown me that the 'open' price for the following day is seldom the
same as the 'closing' price for the previous day due to after-hours

Can someone who has worked with this stuff enlighten me about how to
get the day's closing price from Yahoo? thanks in advance.

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