question regarding new hardware

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Hi group,

This question might seem not to be completely php related, but it should be
obvious it has a mysql/php background.

I want to run windows 2000, apache/php/mysql on a new server here.
Now, it would run on virtually all hardware ( uhm, wonder about the
ZX-Spectrum, nevermind)
but I would like to know what processor could do the job best, in your
I already heared a lot about Celeron Processors not handling sql very well.
What's your experience with for instance, Xeon or Pentium IV processors in
terms of performance?

I am running apache/php/mysql from RAMDISK, eliminating harddisk drag.... so
I am only interested in processor capabilities for this solution.

Thank you very much for answering, in advance.

Best regards,


Re: question regarding new hardware

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Let's put it this way. I know of a PHP site that has 700k users. Its two
servers each have a single xeon in them. Not quite sure what the speed is,
but it seems like a good bet is about the average processor speed.

(Do note: Don't expect to have 700k users on at once. At most, it's about
11k at once, but that's still a lot...)

Good luck
-- Matt

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