question on passing a "variable" back to a calling page

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Hello PHP Group,

I have a php page that calls another php page to load a image from a
database (mysql) in to the calling page.
It works like this:
first_view.php has
<img src="image.php?img=5" width="200" border="1" alt="Image of
the image.php opens the database and returns the image to the page

image.php can (does) also pull the title of the image being loaded to
first_view.php out of the query where the image data is send back:

I send the image data back like this:

//echo back the image data
 header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
 echo base64_decode($encodeddata);

I have a <p></p> tag under the image tag, and would like to put the
title from the database there.
How can I pass the title of the image back to first_view from

There is no html in image.php.
Thanks for a good group!


Re: question on passing a "variable" back to a calling page

Easiest way would just be to at the beginning of image.php to add the
following line at the top of the code:


Then create a function in there
 function GetTitle( $ImageNumber )
  return m_The_Image_Title;

and maybe another function which gives you the image source code?

function GetImage( $ImageNumber )
  echo ' <img src="'.$imgNum.'" width="200" border="1"
alt="'.GetTitle($ImageNumber).'"> ';

That'd be easiest seeing as how it appears you have access to the
first_view.php file, so you can access methods in there.


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Re: question on passing a "variable" back to a calling page

a separate DB query in the main php page..  grab all the info except
for the image data
ie, title, width, height (if stored), filename, whatever, etc..

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