question concerning proper dir structure for PEAR/Smarty

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OK, I am new to the whole PEAR/Smarty templating thing. I am trying to
setup my directory structure correctly. If someone could weigh in and
see if I have this setup "right", I would appreciate it. Directory

    ... other pear packages
    ... all smarty files
  ... pear basic package files

I want to make sure this looks right, because my PEAR db class appears
to be buried pretty deep (db/db/DB.php) and I want to make sure I
manually put the smarty files in the correct place.

I did a lot of searching, and really didn't come up with much. Would
appreciate some input, thank you very much!


Re: question concerning proper dir structure for PEAR/Smarty

DJ Majestik wrote:
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I just leave the PEAR stuff to the PEAR commandline installer:

$ sudo pear install DB

which gives me this:


So, DB.php is on the same level as the DB subdirectory. In fact, all the
classes which have to be included are in this directory
(/usr/local/php/lib/php in my Mac OS X system).

and I have

include_path = ".:/usr/local/php/lib/php"

in my php.ini. The effect being that if do a "pear install
<module_name>", I can always use this:


and it will work.

I would advise you to leave the PEAR directory structure to the PEAR
installer, and put Smarty wherever it makes sense to you. I put it
manually in the /usr/local/php/lib/php directory, in a subdir called
Smarty, and I added /usr/local/php/lib/php/Smarty to my include_path, so
that I can simply do a require('Smarty.class.php').


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