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i have a question about using header("Location: filename.html"); in

with my present code i have a few echo statements followed by
header("Location: filename.html"); because i have echo

statements before header("Location: filename.html"); i am getting an
error that headers have already been sent. i cannot

remove the echo statements as they are doing an important task. based
on this situation i can use echo followed by the html

code for the filename in filename.html if i do this the code will run
into a few 100's of lines and due to this i would like

to use header("Location: filename.html");

i have tried the following code and it works =

echo " <form name='errorpage' action='error.php' method='post'> </
       <script type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>
document.errorpage.submit(); </script> ";
however if javascript is turned off this redirection will not work.

could you please suggest if there is an alternative to using echo
statement first followed by
header("Location: filename.html");

i am using the following php validation for forms which is not working
very well

$specialcharacters = '#^([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$#';
with this code for a name if i type "first name" with a space it is
considering the space and treating as a special character

however it should validate for letters and numbers only. how can i
write '/^[a-zA-Z]+$/'; to ignore spaces

$firstnamecheck = '/^[a-zA-Z]+$/';
with this code if i type for example "first name" as per the error is
states that the string needs to contain letters. though

i typed letters because of the space it is not treating as letters.
how can i rewrite this '/^[a-zA-Z]+$/';

please advice.


Re: question about header and validation


For 1, you can do require('filename.html') to insert that text into
your page.

For 2, add a space character inside the brackets to match spaces as


John Peters

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Re: question about header and validation

Sudhakar wrote:
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Why do you have echo statements which would never be seen if the
redirect is performed?  At worst, you might get a flash on the screen,
but unless you have a really slow link, you'll never be able to read it.

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If you're going to do the redirect, don't do the echo's.  As noted
above, they would serve no purpose.

Your javascript will work, but only if the user has javascript enabled.

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Add \s inside the brackets if you want any whitespace (tab, etc.), or
just a space character if all you want is spaces.

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Re: question about header and validation


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First thing: The Location URI must be absolute as required by HTTP.

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How can they be important, if they will never be seen? You should re-
order your code and keep the branching logic on top.

Another option would be to use output buffering, but in this case it
would be just another workaround for a bad code design.

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Ugly. Such hacks are never a solution and just cause more problems.

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I'm not sure I can follow you. What do you expect the regular
expressions to do? The first one does exactly what you've described - it
validates for letters and numbers only. If there's any other char, it
wouldn't match. So what's the problem?


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