Question about form in PHP and MySQL

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I am new to PHP and MySQL.  I was writing a script to pull data from
SQL server and display the data.  There's a "submit" button.  When the
user clicks "submit", the form calls itself and I "expect" the submit
value is set.  However, I find the $submit is never set.  Is there
something wrong with my script?


  $display = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $table ORDER BY id",$db);

  if (!$submit) {
    echo "<form method=post action=$PHP_SELF>";

                // code to display questions

    echo "<input type='submit' value='SUBMIT' name='submit'>";
    echo "</form>";

  if ($submit) {
                // calculate scores

Re: Question about form in PHP and MySQL

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Use $_POST['submit'], not $submit .
'register_globals' is evil.

                    Gordon L. Burditt

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