Querying a HL Server

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I'm trying to query a HL Server and return the "status" of it. I'm
unsure of how to do this exactly so I need some help, what I have so
far is as follows...
   1.  <?php
   2.  // Host / Port Settings:
   3.  $host = '';
   4.  $socket = fsockopen('udp://' . $host, 27015, $errno, $errstr);
   5.  if ($socket) {
   6.      echo 'working';
   7.      if (fwrite($socket, 'status')) {
   8.          echo fread($socket, 128);
   9.      } else {
  10.          echo 'Problems writing';
  11.      }
  12.  } else {
  13.      echo 'not working';
  14.  }
  15.  ?>
Does anybody know how to do this properly or succeeded in doing this
I am trying to query a counter-strike server and return the current
players/max players.

Re: Querying a HL Server

bryan wrote:
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Did you try asking the people running the server?  They should know what  
protocol you need to use.

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Re: Querying a HL Server

On 7 Aug 2006 17:49:08 -0700, bryan wrote:

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My short answer is *don't bother*!

I tried for weeks to get sockets to behave for a similar application
(but for an online flight sim). It seems each incarnation of PHP
screws the sockets code around differently. After a fair while, I
found that some bugs reported in PHP3 are still there.

I also found differences in behaviour between Win32 and Unix/Linux
implementations of sockets. Don't be misled by the online function
references that make it look easy - I found that a fair few of the
routines just did not work consistently.

Also ... check you're getting past your firewall! I used a network
packet sniffer to see traffic actually leaving one machine then seeing
what (if anything) appeared on the other.


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