Query with PHP and MySql

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Hi all,
I am using Wamp server with the package of Mysql, apache and PHP.. The prob
lem i am facing is that i am unable to load more of data from FrontEnd(PHP)
 to Backend(MySql). Like i created 20 tables in one go in MySql and i conne
cted all the tables with each other. And then i entered data into the form  
but it is not entering into the database. Values are directly inserting fro
m database itself but is not working for frontend. And its not a problem of
 writing the wrong code, that i checked. The problem is occuring because in
 1 database various tables are there otherwise it is working for small data
bases.Can anyone please help me to solve this problem. I also wanted to kno
w that it is a proble in MySql or PHP. Please do reply as soon as possible.

Thank you

Manju Bishnoi

Re: Query with PHP and MySql

On 26/07/13 07:06, Manju Bishnoi wrote:
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do yu have the correct PHP client mysql libraries installed and configured?


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Re: Query with PHP and MySql

On Thu, 25 Jul 2013 23:06:58 -0700, Manju Bishnoi wrote:

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You haven't given us anywhere near enough information to determine if  
this is:

a) A problem with your php.
b) A problem with your sql.

The role of php in an system like yours is limited to taking data from  
the web forms, assembling it into sql queries, calling the sql daemon to  
process those queries, and then presenting the results of the queries  
back to the web user.

The most common problem[1] is assembling invalid sql statements. That is  
an sql problem, and you need to work out what the correct sql is.

To test this, you need to check out the sql error handling features for  
the php interface to mysql that you're using, and see what errors you are  
getting. You then need to analyse the sql that you are generating,  
probably with reference to the table definitions, to see why it is  
generating those errors.

You also need to check whether you are getting php execution errors that  
might be causing the invalid sql to be generated, or even preventing the  
database calls happening. To do this, you need to enable appropriate php  
error logging and check the relevant log files.

I have no experience of wamp, so I have no idea where to look for the  
relevant log or configuration files on your system, or what the optimum  
settings are for debugging. Sorry that I can't help any further.

[1] It seems to me, anyway, that most people coming here with a php / sql  
problem are generating broken sql with valid php code, rather than having  
php specific issues. Similar to those people who blame php for their  
broken webpages when the problem is that they're telling php that  
generate invalid / broken html. The php is just doing what they tell it  

Denis McMahon, denismfmcmahon@gmail.com

Re: Query with PHP and MySql

On 7/26/2013 2:06 AM, Manju Bishnoi wrote:
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You have one of two problems.  Your PHP is wrong, or your SQL is wrong.  
  But you haven't given us anything to go on.

Turn on error messages and display them (for debugging purposes).  In  
your php.ini file, put:

error_reporting = E_ALL

Ensure you are checking the return value of ALL MySQL calls to see that  
they functioned correctly.

If all else fails, post the failing code (if it's long, cut it down to  
the minimum necessary to recreate the problem) here.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Query with PHP and MySql

Manju Bishnoi wrote:

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Re: Query with PHP and MySql

On 26-07-2013 08:06, Manju Bishnoi wrote:
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