Pure Php Flat-File Databases?

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I've writing my own flat file database.. well table-based pure php
code, PhpSimpleDb but I was looking into some bench marking so was
wonder if anyone knew any other flat-file php db's out there.

Gladius DB

ps. http://code.google.com/p/phpsimpledb/ is what I have working right

Re: Pure Php Flat-File Databases?

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Any reason to compete with SQLite? I found that is was enabled on most  
Rik Wasmus
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Re: Pure Php Flat-File Databases?

Well, SQLite uses SQL, I was just looking to to use pure php to query
rather then SQL. Which is why I considered writing my own. I am in no
way trying to compete with SQLite in the sense of a full fledge
database, just something simple for php using php.

Sample MySQL
$link  = mysql_connect('localhost', 'username', 'password');
$table = mysql_select_db('sampledb');
$query = mysql_query('SELECT * t1 WHERE c LIKE "%thousand%"');
$entry = mysql_fetch_assoc($query);

Sample SimpleDb
$t     = new t1('data');
$rows  = $t->filter('stristr(c, "thousand")')->query();
$idx   = array_shift($rows);
$entry = $t->fetch($idx);

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Re: Pure Php Flat-File Databases?

Gorilla3D wrote:
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I think you'll find SQLLite or MySQL will outperform anything you write
in PHP, unless it's for very small files.

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Re: Pure Php Flat-File Databases?

Gorilla3D schreef:
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I used a few in the past, with different results.
In these days almost every server running PHP also runs at least mySQL,
or if you are really lucky: Postgresql.

Here is a link to a reasonably wellknown flatfile engine: ffdb (flat
file db):
http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdb-php /

You can use that one for benchmarking.

I don't want to be negative, but the flatfile approach is needed less
and less. So unless you are doing this for pure fun, I don't expect many
will need it.

Good luck!

Erwin Moller

PS: I wanted to give you more links, but in all honesty, I plainly
forgot the names of the other flat file SQL engines I used. :-)
I know there a few more out there.

Re: Pure Php Flat-File Databases?

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By the way i use SQLite on my usb-sticks, where i store my sites as
portable back-ups, run hp from stick from my customized apache-lite,
its really handy.. I use to used flat files but, i think SQLite is the

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