Pulling variables from str_replace

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Something simple, perhaps someone can shed some light.

I have an array of paragraphs of text and am replacing some of the text  
using str_replace().


function addGraphic($numGraphic){

        return("this is graphic $numGraphic");


$instruction = str_replace("#GRAPHIC[$i]",addGraphic($i),$instruction);

Basically, I look for the tag #GRAPHIC[n] in the text where n is an  
integer value and want to replace it with the text and the actual number  
inside the brackets. I am unsure how to parse this value out and then pass  
it to the function that will create the appropriate output.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Pulling variables from str_replace

Brad Everman wrote:
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Hey Brad,
  You need preg_replace_callback(). str_replace() won't work with more
than one string unless you make a huge array for the search and replace

Re: Pulling variables from str_replace

In a contingent reality, Blayde possibly said:

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Thanks, that worked perfectly.

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